Three farmers standing in a field.

Sunrise Organic Farm

Solvang, CA

A highly sought after farmer, Sunrise is a certified organic farm from just outside of Solvang. Owners Chuy, Jesus and Andrew are meticulous about picking their produce Fridays, just prior to our market. They then ice down everything so it arrives fresh and in pristine condition for you. In the summer, they bring us amazing melons, berries and tomatoes. In wintertime, their carrots cannot be beat. Year round, they bring many different kinds of lettuces as well as all sorts of exotic vegetables we've never seen before. Facebook | Instagram

Chickens in a pasture.

Harvest Gathering Farm

Ventura, CA

Pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey and rabbit are brought to our market by Harvest Gathering Farm. Owner Wendy is passionate about raising her animals without cheap corn and soy. Corn and soy is normally prevalent in animal agriculture because it is cheap. It also makes the animals sick. Harvest Gathering Farm does none of this and allows their animals to graze and roam. Their feed is supplemented by farmers market scraps and a high quality vegetarian feed. This is a different level of quality when it comes to meat. Brought to us direct from the ranch!

Father and son farmers in front of produce.

Arreola Farms

Oxnard, CA

Located near the coast in Oxnard, farmer Jaime and his son Juan bring a huge assortment of local vegetables to us. They are famous for their triple washed salad mixes. They also bring us potatoes, squash, lettuces, radishes, artichokes, herbs, carrots, tomatoes, green beans and more. 

Farmers with their produce.

King & King Ranch

Filmore, CA

Established in 1913, King and King Ranch is now run by the 3rd & 4th generations of the King family. Their beautiful family farm is located along the banks of the Santa Clara River just east of Santa Clarita. Today, they grow 8 varieties of avocados, over 20 varieties of citrus plus pomegranates, persimmons, plums, herbs, and loads of other rare and exotic culinary delights! The King Family has long been devoted to serving as stewards of the land, mindful that growing food serves not only immediate needs but is also a legacy to sustain future generations.

A farmer in a field of flowers.

Patty Farms

Ventura, CA

Farmer Treno and his wife Patty grow many varieties of flowers on their farm. Selection varies by the season but can include marigolds, sunflowers, lilies, ranunculus, eucalyptus, irises, lilacs and more. They also grow an amazing array of tulips with varieties not often seen elsewhere including fragrant tulips, double petal tulips and parakeet tulips.

Farmer in field with oranges.

Ken's Top Notch

Reedley, CA

Farmer Ken Lee grows legendary certified organic fruit on his 250 acre farm just outside of Fresno. During the winter we see sweet Asian pears and beautiful varieties of citrus including Cara Cara oranges, mandarins, Oro Blanco and more. During the summer, they have the sweetest plums, pluots and some of the best peaches we have ever had! They focus on growing varieties that have the best flavor. The farm strives to be zero waste. They often donate fallen fruit to the local Fresno Zoo.

Three farmers in front of a company van.

Dancing Crow Vineyard

Lake County, CA

Grape farmers from beautiful Lake County, California who bring their award winning wines to our market. These 4th generation winemakers farm grapes just north of Napa Valley including cabernet, zinfandel, grenache, syrah, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and more. Some of their vines date back to 1901! Their red, white and rose wines are wonderfully balanced and complex with some rated as high as 97 points.

Two women standing in a blooming fruit orchard.

Chunsa Farms

Phelan, CA

Chunsa Farms grows one thing, Korean green plums. The fruit resembles an apricot but is very sour, even when ripe. After picking, the fruit is fermented for a year or more which transforms it into a sweet super probiotic liquid called maesil or ume. Maesil traces it's roots back in Asian culture for more than 2,000 years. It can be used in cooking or added to still or sparkling water for a refreshing and healthy probiotic drink. They also sell a maesil vinegar. Customers have traveled hundreds of miles to our market just to get some.

Aziz Farms

Thermal, CA

Aziz Farms is a family-run grower of the finest dates California's Coachella Valley has to offer. Farmer Mark grows a variety of premium dates including medjool, zahidi, bahri, dayri and more. Seasonally, they will have fresh dates which are very unique. They farm regeneratively and you will often see cattle and other animals roaming throughout the date fields.

Man holding various mushrooms

Mushroom Kings USA

Leona Valley, CA

Mushroom Kings USA brings us farm direct mushrooms including shiitake, chestnut, king trumpet, lions mane and several varieties of oyster mushrooms. They also have a vast knowledge of different uses of mushrooms including some great recipes. Most varieties are available fresh every week with several available dried.

Man picking tomatoes.

Reyes Ranch

Somis, CA

We are thrilled to have access to year round tomatoes and peppers from Reyes Ranch! They farm in soil using greenhouses in Ventura Country. They bring a wide variety of tomatoes to our market including heirloom and cherry tomatoes. Their peppers are incredible. There is also a beautiful array of other produce that varies depending on the season.

Bloom Ranch (Seasonal)

Acton, CA

For over 100 years, Bloom Ranch has produced some of the best fruit in Southern California. The tradition continues today with peaches, pears, figs and more. Their beautiful family farm is just north of Santa Clarita and is open year round. They are at our market late spring through summer.

A man stands with oranges.

Bonanza Farms

Riverside, CA

Coming from Riverside County, Bonanza Farms brings many different types of avocados. This wide variety ensures they have fresh avocados almost all year long. While they also bring citrus to our market, their specialty is fresh squeezed juices made right at our market using their fruits. They almost always have orange juice. Seasonally, they will have juices such as grapefruit, tangerine, apple, pomegranate and blood orange.  Their eggs should not be missed!

Three farmers in a berry field.

Gutierrez Farms

Nippomo, CA

Coming from Nipomo on California's central coast, the Gutierrez family grows central coast vegetables, dry red silk beans, squash and squash blossoms. However, they are known for their berries. They grow blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries year round. Thanks to the mild climate on the coast, they are able to provide our market with great produce including fresh berries. Matriarch Marta manages the farm while daughter Vilma brings the produce to our market. 

A family in a barn with their animals.

Achadinha Cheese Company

Petaluma, CA

From the rolling green hills of Sonoma County, the Pacheco Family raises pasture raised Jersey cows and goats on their 300 acre farm. This 4th generation dairy produces dairy products including butter, kefir yogurt, cheese curds, feta, semi hard cheeses and more. Their animals are never fed corn and soy but are allowed to graze naturally. They supplement their animals on fermented brewers mash from a famous California artisan brewery.

A farmer with his produce.

Urban Fresh Farm

Santa Clarita, CA

We are proud to host a family farm from right here in the Santa Clarita Valley. Farmer Guido and his sons have a 40 acre farm where they raise a wide variety of produce. Their specialty is triple washed salad mixes which includes field mixes of interesting and tasty greens. They also maintain a large flock of free range chickens and ducks which provides our market with fresh eggs.

Two farmers in front of an olive orchard.

Verni & Halaby Farms

Clovis, CA

With over 100 years in the olive oil business, farmer Dino Verni knows a thing or two about good olive oil. While they still maintain an old stone olive oil press, they have expanded to bring their farm direct olive oil to more people. At the same time, their olive oil continues to be pressed without added heat or the use of chemicals. They also grow a wonderful variety of fruit. A percentage of their fruit is always held back and sundried so it can be enjoyed all year long. Our customers love sampling their raisins, dried cherries and other dried fruit. Don't miss their almonds and walnuts!

A beekeeper harvest honey while displaying jarred honey.

Blue Ridge Honey

Ventura, CA

A true family operation, we get our honey right from the beekeepers! Father Dave along with sons Jeremy and Donovan keep bees ranging from Castaic to Piru, Ojai and Santa Paula. Mom Wendy runs their storefront and farmers markets. With rampant fraud in the honey industry, we are proud to bring honey direct to you without a middleman. Their honey is always 100% local and their bees never leave the state of California.

Suncoast Farms

Lompoc, CA

A third generation family farm in Lompoc on the California Central Coast. They specialize in artichokes and asparagus. Throughout the year they have a rotating array of produce including cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and more. They also grow about 8 different varieties of dry beans such as lima, barbecue, fava, garbanzo, black, Christmas lima and more. But you won't want to miss their pinquito beans. Pinquito beans are a native California pink chili type bean that is a staple in Santa Maria BBQ.

Acton Farms

Acton, CA

Microgreens are simply small versions of their mature counterparts. However, they pack an amazing punch with up to 40 times the nutrients when compared to their mature version. Farmer Debbie grows a wide variety of microgreens such as broccoli, radishes, kohlrabi, kale, cantaloupe and more. She also brings in seasonal plant starts such as basil, thyme, cilantro and more so you can start your own vegetable garden at home.

Man in front of quail eggs.

Green Wings Ranch

Sun Valley, CA

Green Wings Ranch brings quail eggs and quail meat to our market! Use quail eggs just as you would chicken eggs. Quail eggs pack more nutrition in them when compared to chicken eggs. They sell whole cleaned quails as well. Quail meat is several times higher in some nutrients when compared to chicken. The meat is typically more tender than chicken with a sweeter more complex taste. Farmer Art prides himself on raising his birds using a high quality vegetarian feed that is free from corn, soy and GMOs.

Barn on a farm.

Ha's Apple Farms

Tehachapi, CA

From the beautiful cool mountains north of us comes Ha's Apple Farms. They are legendary for the dozen plus varieties of apples they grow. The sweetest and most popular variety they grow is the Fuji apple. Their red and green pears are amazing as are their fruit leathers, dried fruits and apple cider vinegar. If you are lucky, they may have some chicken or duck eggs from their free range chickens. During the summer, don't miss their peaches!

Erickson Farms (Seasonal)

Fresno, CA

Erickson Farms is a family operated farm growing cherries in Fresno, the premier growing region for cherries! Every year the family waits until the cherries are perfectly ripe before picking them and rushing them to our market. They grow about 5 varieties of red cherries along with yellow/red Rainier cherries. They are typically with us beginning in late May until mid-summer.